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About the generator

Hi, I'm Enrique Chávez, and as a WordPress Developer, I’ve been using the fantastic Tom McFarlin's WPPB foundation plugin (now maintained by Devin Vinson) as my started plugin.

Whenever I start working on a new plugin, I rename file names, search and replace plugin-name, Plugin_Name, the packages, sub-packages names, etc. All these tasks take me around 5-10 minutes every time, and I don’t particularly appreciate repeating unnecessary tasks.

At that time, I was trying to work with NodeJS on an actual project, and this was an excellent opportunity to do it. A small and personal project, So I spent about 3 hours in the core builder and 2 hours on the homepage, and my little weekend project saw the light on November 16, 2014.

September 2022 update: Eight years later, the new generator version is made with Next.js, hosted on Vercel (bye, Heroku), and the generator uses serverless functions.

WordPress plugin boilerplate developers

  • Tom McFarlin

    Original Author

    Tom McFarlin lives in the north east suburbs of Atlanta. When he’s not building custom solutions for others with Pressware, or blogging, you can find him hanging out with his wife, two daughters, two dogs, and likely find him exercising or playing some type of music on one of the too-many guitars he owns.


    Current Maintainer

    Devin is a developer doing mostly WordPress development. He can be found not far from the beach in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. He has a few projects on Github, and he mostly read others tweets on Twitter.
    Devin is the current main developer supporting the WPPB codebase.